PayPal is an online payments and money transfer service that allows you to send money via email, phone, text message or Skype. They offer products to both individuals and businesses alike, including online vendors, auction sites and corporate users. PayPal connects effortlessly to bank accounts and credit cards.


API Paths

Add Bank Account (POST) /AdaptiveAccounts/AddBankAccount OpenAPI
Add Payment Card (POST) /AdaptiveAccounts/AddPaymentCard OpenAPI
Create Account (POST) /AdaptiveAccounts/CreateAccount OpenAPI
Get User Agreement (POST) /AdaptiveAccounts/GetUserAgreement OpenAPI
Get Verified Status (POST) /AdaptiveAccounts/GetVerifiedStatus OpenAPI
Set Funding Source Confirmed (POST) /AdaptiveAccounts/SetFundingSourceConfirmed OpenAPI
Cancel Preapproval (POST) /AdaptivePayments/CancelPreapproval OpenAPI
Convert Currency (POST) /AdaptivePayments/ConvertCurrency OpenAPI
Execute Payment (POST) /AdaptivePayments/ExecutePayment OpenAPI
Get Funding Plans (POST) /AdaptivePayments/GetFundingPlans OpenAPI
Get Payment Options (POST) /AdaptivePayments/GetPaymentOptions OpenAPI
Get Shipping Addresses (POST) /AdaptivePayments/GetShippingAddresses OpenAPI
Pay (POST) /AdaptivePayments/Pay OpenAPI
Payment Details (POST) /AdaptivePayments/PaymentDetails OpenAPI
Preapproval (POST) /AdaptivePayments/Preapproval OpenAPI
Preapproval Details (POST) /AdaptivePayments/PreapprovalDetails OpenAPI
Refund (POST) /AdaptivePayments/Refund OpenAPI
Set Payment Options (POST) /AdaptivePayments/SetPaymentOptions OpenAPI
Cancel Invoice (POST) /Invoice/Cancel Invoice OpenAPI
Create And Send Invoice (POST) /Invoice/CreateAndSendInvoice OpenAPI
Create Invoice (POST) /Invoice/CreateInvoice OpenAPI
Get Invoice Details (POST) /Invoice/GetInvoiceDetails OpenAPI
Mark Invoice As Paid (POST) /Invoice/MarkInvoiceAsPaid OpenAPI
Search Invoices (POST) /Invoice/SearchInvoices OpenAPI
Send Invoice (POST) /Invoice/SendInvoice OpenAPI
Update Invoice (POST) /Invoice/UpdateInvoice OpenAPI
Cancel Permissions (POST) /Permissions/CancelPermissions OpenAPI
GetAccess Token (POST) /Permissions/GetAccessToken OpenAPI
Get Advanced Personal Data (POST) /Permissions/GetAdvancedPersonalData OpenAPI
Get Basic Personal Data (POST) /Permissions/GetBasicPersonalData OpenAPI
Get Permissions (POST) /Permissions/GetPermissions OpenAPI
Request Permissions (POST) /Permissions/RequestPermissions OpenAPI